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Where are all the F-ing outlets?!

How is it that The Living Room has practically no outlets available for customer use? This place is at least 3 times the size of Peet's, and I never have a problem finding an outlet there. Psh. Stupid Living Room. Their wild mushroom soup and view of the ocean is tough to beat, though...

So it is 8th week in my final (real) quarter at UCSD. Oh this is exciting. I just have to focus on passing Italian. I know I will pass my lower division Italian, but the upper division class is still on shaky ground. We haven't even taken a test or anything yet! Remember when I said this is 8th week? So...weird, right? She better just pass everyone. There is no way I can fathom having to come back to take Italian in the Fall; I think it would kill me mentally and spiritually.

Allison and I got our graduation announcements last week! We were so excited when we ordered them. Sadly, when they arrived they were, well...they were pretty darn disappointing is what they were. We had to fold them ourselves! And that isn't so terrible I guess, except for the fact that they look like something I could have printed out on my computer at home! For way less money, too. Boo UCSD...bad choice of announcements. But I am determined that this shall not dim the light of graduation excitement! I leave that to my dysfunctional family... Graduation is less than a month away now (yay!!!), and I still have no idea how the scheduling is working out once everyone is here. My mom and dad keep being all passive about it when I try to plan things, and I know once they are here everyone is going to have a fit if I don't spend enough time with each side. Bleh. I already told them Saturday night is mine! Allison and I want to go out, and Pinche will be here, and friends are ready to celebrate, so that is that. No changies!

There are so many things coming up in the next few weeks. Adam turns 30, which is just crazy and weird when I really think about it. Graduation of course. Then not long after, it's New Orleans time! I want time to fast forward to after finals already so the good stuff can start! But until then, it's all Italian and Children's literature, which, once I get into the working world again, probably won't seem all that bad.

Alright, time for newsletter before my two hours of parking expires. Meh.
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