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Listening party tonight. I think this is supposed to be the introductory party, where you just choose three songs through which you, well, introduce yourself. Favorites I guess they would be? So I've got two for sure: Pink Floyd's "Learning to Fly" and Neil Young's "Old Man." I'm thinking my overarching theme (I've been writing too many papers...) for my set will be the songs that first induced love for each band. I was originally intending on "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" for Floyd, but that song is a good 10 minutes long, so in the interest of time "Learning To Fly" comes in a very close second. The guitar is not (though nearly) as awesome, and it gives me a similar feeling of serene joy, so it works. I am having a little trouble nailing down a third, though, but I think I've got it: The Beatles' "Rocky Raccoon." I am pretty sure this song is the first time I really thought man, those guys are gunning for Top 5 status. Now the challenge remains of organizing them for presentation. Chronological? No. Not alphabetical. Perhaps autobiographical...
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