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Ringing in 24 was chockablock full of interesting experiences.  I don't want to wait too long before I post about it, but I know it would take me too long to write everything in detail.  So instead of a potential multi-part or extremely long post, I am just going to list some highlights.  Sound good?  Here we go...

  • Home:  The first day I got there, I had a mini-fight with Cat and Mom.  Ahh, just like the old days.  Luckily it was short-lived and I was able to enjoy my amazing birthday meal of filet mignon, augratin potatoes, and a rainbow-chip cake.  The next day was Matt's wedding, to which I was accompanied by Cat and Pinche, where we played "Spot the Stripper" and marveled at the photographic ability of our cell phones.  We drank before the ceremony while dishing with the lady bartender, had an awkward run-in or two with Cat's ex, sat through a good deal of the reception, and got hit on by Matt's 30-something cop buddies.  Cat and I also had a very thoughtful, yet very embarrassing, dedication from Matt and his new wife:  50 Cent's "In Da Club", because, ya know, it was our birthday.  To this we danced alone...with each other...in front of most all of the guests in attendance.  We were "saved" by one drunken man, who was carrying a Corona in his shirt pocket; not one of my finer moments.  After the wedding, we ventured out to Rookie's in downtown Ventura, where I was given a rather phallic and somewhat degrading birthday shot and was momentarily serenaded and had my hand kissed by this man:

Awesome.  Later, we went home, where I somehow managed to remember to take off all of my jewelry.  I was pretty impressed with that the next morning, considering how hungover I felt.  Monday was Cat's birthday, which she spent at work, and which I spent lunching and shopping with my mom.  That was a really good time, actually, and I got some pretty awesome new stuff as well (new knife set!  towels!  waffle/sandwich/pizelle maker! to name a few).  Being that Monday was also St. Patrick's Day, we did the traditional Corned Beef and Cabbage (and soda bread!), which was very delicious.  I did homework with Alex (go circumference!) and then he showed me his myriad of computer and playstation games.  That night was supposed to include going out to bars with Cat's friends, but instead turned into another down home family fued, and not the fun kind like on tv.  It was actually all pretty terrible, and I think the sooner my sister can move out, the better.  I think she said it best when she told me that as much as she appreciates my parents letting her move back in and helping her get out of debt, living with them could potentially ruin what is left of her relationship with my mom.  Tuesday was my last day at home, so after a quick spot of tea, I hit the road at precisely the worst possible time.  I made it to L.A. just in time for lots of really fun traffic.  Somehow, though, I made it home by about 7, so there were still a few hours left for me to decompress before returning to another work week.
  • San Diego:  Before going home, Adam gave me my birthday gift, which was a coupon entitling me to either a new tattoo or a new cell phone, my choice.  It also had some fine print at the bottom, notifying me of the terms of said coupon, as well as the included bonus of a complimentary lifetime of love.  That in itself was a very awesome, and thoughtful, present.  But a new cell phone wasn't too shabby, either.  Yes, I chose the cell phone.  As much as I would like to have gotten a new tattoo (and I really, really would), the amount with which I detested my phone trumped my desire to get inked.  I mean, that thing really sucked.  Lots.  As the week after my return from Ventura wore on, it was sprinkled with a few more birthday surprises.  I received gifts from my dad (including the one and only season of Firefly, adorable new shoes, Love Actually, and a dress I have been coveting for a good month or so now), cards from relatives, gifts from co-workers, etc.  It was nice.  Friday was spent Taco Tuesdaying with Cory, Kirsten, Justin, and their new from-anatomy-class friend, Darcy.  She seems very nice, and I have a feeling we shall be seeing more of her in the future.  After Cory's, I planned on heading home as I was exhausted from the weeks' activities, but instead went over to Adam1.0's place.  While there, we played a couple of very competitive rounds of Wii bowling, Beez did a lot of lying around on me, and we made a birthday cake consisting of boxed chocolate cake-mix, Reese's peanut-butter eggs, and rainbow chip frosting.  The result:  totally delicious.  It was good to spend some quality time with Adam; he cracks me up.  Finally around far too late for someone who intended to be home by 9 pm (at the latest!), I headed home and promptly went to sleep.  The next evening was birthday time with friends.  Hooray!  Jenny G bestowed upon me a king's ransom of amazing gifts, ranging from a priceless money guide, to board games, to a Chicken Launcher.  Also, I got a pretty neat card.  Pinche did some excellent event coordinating, which included the traditional blind-folding, a rather tasty cake, The Bitter End happy hour, The Strip Club (the dining establishment, not the place where ladies and/or men dance half nude), and going out!  It was a very enjoyable time, and it was nice to have everyone there.  Pinche and I proceeded to get waster (mostly on our own, with a little company from Kirsten) and wanted to go dancing.  But alas, downtown was not rife with dancing opportunities for an affordable fare, and so we decided to try our luck in PB.  Sadly, PB sucks, and so that did not pan out so well.  After the music that we paid $5 (plus the plethora more that pinche so kindly spent on drinks) to go and dance to shut off at 12:30, the night was pretty much at its end.  But despite that, I would call the whole endeavor a success.  Good times indeed!  The next morning, I awoke with my second birthday hangover, which I promptly cured with a trip to Red Robin with Adam2.0 for a free hamburger.  Unfortunately, when you give the server your "Free Birthday Burger" coupon, sining gets involved.  All I wanted was a free burger. And maybe a shake to make the headache go away.  Instead, I got sung the creepy "Happy Birthday" jingle in an almost entirely empty restaurant at 11:30 on Easter morning.  Happily, the singing came with a sundae, so I'll call it a wash.  I decided to round out the day with some cleaning and unpacking.  It was therapeutic and, I thought, very appropriately mature, as I am 24 now.  
So there you have it:  my birthday in a nutshell.  A really rather large nutshell.  So much for highlights.  
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