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It's time for a boycott!

First disappointment of 2010: Entenmann's denies me the enjoyment of my most favorite of cake-like confections. Ok, so technically this happened last year (October 24, so I am told...), but up until today it was all hearsay and speculation. You see, I had noticed over the past few months that my local grocery stores seemed to have a dearth of the New York Crumb Coffee Cake, and yet I hoped beyond all hope that Entenmann's hadn't really gone ahead and paid me the highest of insults by discontinuing this product. But today, as I was finally making a very overdue and long awaited visit to the Bakery Outlet, my nightmare was realized: Entenmann's no longer distributes the beloved coffee cake on the West coast. Seriously? What is that? The guy behind the counter at the store totally agreed with me about this atrocious mistake, and sympathized by stating that there is no point of living on the West coast without New York crumb coffee cake. I think I must agree. I told him this was the day of my sadness, and he said he was going to tell Metallica to write a song about it. We'll see what happens. Out of confusion and despair, I decided to purchase a cheese filled crumb coffee cake substitute to fill the void. I just tried it, and while it's close, it just isn't the same. I mean, well, there's cheese in the middle of the thing. And while it isn't bad, I'd really rather be wasting those calories on extra crumb topping rather than on weird filler cheese.

So anyhow, I have come to the conclusion that I must like things that nobody else does, or at least that nobody else is willing to spend money on. Spudnuts, the maker of my most favorite donut this side of the universe, closed its oh-so-convenient Ventura location, and Entenmann's, well, we all know what you did Entenmann's. I know there are others products which have failed me, but I cannot think of them all right now, because it pains me too much. I wrote their corporate office a letter today, explaining how disappointed I am in their actions. They better send me free coffee cakes FOR LIFE after this.

So yeah...that's what I've been doing with my free time. Perhaps it is a good thing that school starts tomorrow after all...
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