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I just got back today after almost an entire week in Utah.  It was, actually, pretty great.  My dad and I went on a date for sushi (since nobody else likes it...fools!), I helped make Thanksgiving dinner, I received a plethora of homemade, holiday-themed pot holders, I was gifted with an egg McMuffin maker, I befriended a cat / dog, I picked tomatoes, and I was pretty much waited on every morning.  It was great!  Crumbly blueberry muffins, eggs benedict, quiche, coffee with special creamers, the works!  Every morning!  My dad and I did a lot of bonding this time, I think.  We discussed politics and China's imminent rise to power whilst soaking it up in the hot tub, and we watched the entire series of Firefly into the wee hours every day I was there.  It was great.  Sadly, the time went by incredibly fast and I am already back here with work and finals to look forward to.  blech. 

Adam Original Recipe picked me up at the airport today, and he actually came inside to get me!  I walked down the stairs to the baggage claim, and there he was! I was so very pleased by this, I felt it necessary to tell him so.  (He also had a beard, which pleases me greatly).  He laughed and came to the conclusion that he really must have set the bar low, because I am surprised/ excited every time he does anything remotely thoughtful.  But I mean, seriously, it's Adam (1.0)!  This is the guy that used to tell me that I kinda smell, and that is why nobody wanted to hang out with me.  And, granted, it made me laugh on more than one occasion, but it is hardly the kind of thing that sweeps a girl off her feet.  So yeah, I think the feeling of surprise will take a while to vacate our relationship. Which, really, is awesome.  Unless you are Jillian and hate surprises.  Heh. 
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