J (nefertlrl) wrote,

"It's good to have fun..."

I love my co-workers sometimes.  Everyday our warehouse guy gives me some sort of an advisory gem.  Take, for example, the above title of this post.  He told me this after I explained how I ate too much for dinner the other day.  Indeed, sir, it is good to have fun. 

I was lucky enough to have another unexpected bout of fun this morning.  The good kind of fun.  I got up really early (5 a.m. early) to get myself ready and professional for the big bizSanDiego Speaker Series.  I arrived practically on time, but unfortunately at the wrong place.  Actually, I arrived precisely where I meant to arrive, but the address was incorrect on the Witherby's website.  So after walking around downtown in a skirt in heels (always a fun adventure), I found Market and 6th, and the Witherby.  It was a lovely venue! 

For the event, I got to put pens and "reserved for..." signs on chairs.  I was bestowed the honor of working the registration table, and given the very important task of informing people of such things as "everything is in order alphabetically by last name" and "there is a continental breakfast in the next room whenever you are ready" and "the bathroom is just around the corner to your left".  Yes, good times indeed.  I was also entrusted with the prestigious job of photographing the event for the website!  That was actually kind of fun.  I got to go around snapping candid photos and making be-suited men stand uncomfortably close to one another.  Some ladies even mock-offered to flash me.  Fun!  After everyone was seated for the main speaker event, I got to "get my grub on", as they say.  Oh, how I love continental breakfasts.  Juices, fresh fruit, and pastries galore!  The glasses available for use after everyone had already eaten were wine glasses, and I selected cranberry juice to drink.  Several people asked "how's the wine".  I fear several others silently wondered if I have some kind of a problem.  A "red wine at 8:30 in the morning" kind of a problem.  It was humorous.  Around 9 a.m. people started filing out, and the fun was coming to an end.  As not thrilled as I was about getting up as early as I did, the day turned out to be surprisingly enjoyable.  It made for some grand people-watching, and hopefully it upped the company's consideration of hiring me since I was willing to get up ridiculously early and I gladly accepted all tasks appointed to me. 

My next article goes up on the website today (bizsandiego.com...ahem...).  I believe I agree with Jillian in thinking that this is my best review so far.  Not that that means it is amazingly stellar writing or anything, but I wrote the rest of my reviews so preemptively.  I knew they would get edited down into the bare-bones of what I wanted to say.  This time, I wrote what I wanted (mostly...I still had to self-edit to some degree), so I am interested to see how the editor at bizSD takes it.  He told me the last few times to work on being so "wordy", so we shall see how he deals with my around 500 word review.  Ha.  In all, though, I am glad to be getting some exposure.  I can't wait until I get something into the actual print magazine.  Then I shall use it to propagate my agenda to the masses and further my plan of world domination!  MUAHAHAHAha...ha.  ha.  I mean, uhhh...I will utilize the written word to diligently inform the business people of San Diego and spark "conversation that matters."  Yeeesss....
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