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First Things First...

I had my first internship interview today.  bizSanDiego called me while I was in Ventura this past week, asking if they could set up a time for me to come in and interview.  So today at 2:00 I took a late lunch, hopped on the 805, merged to the 163, and headed for downtown.  Its a weird feeling leaving work on one's lunch break with the purpose of interviewing for another job.  It definitely makes time an issue, amongst other things.  And being as though the bizSanDiego office is downtown, I knew it was also going to be a fun time playing park-and-seek.  I circled, and I circled, and I circled some more...just for good measure.  After it was getting dangerously close to my buffer arrival time of ten 'til two, I decided to valet my car.  That's right; I valeted for a thirty-minute interview.  I'm a classy lady.  So after running up a rather steep parking garage ramp, hustling across the street, and riding an elevator up to the 19th floor of Broadway 707, I finally arrived for the interview.  Early.  Hah!  Once there, I interviewed with "The Jo(h)ns" in the confusingly creepy "Ronald McDonald Room".  Thinking that nowhere but perhaps McDonald's Headquarters itself would actually have such a thing as a "Ronald McDonald Room", I expected that maybe the room was...red and yellow?  Or maybe it was some sort of inside joke.  But, as it turns out, the name was entirely accurate.  Upon walking into said room, I came immediately face to face with the familiar and enormous smile of the red-haired clown, in all his over-sized and pixelated glory.  There was also a leggo McDonald, and a smaller, somehow less startling, photo of Ronald lying on a gigantic hamburger, amongst other things.  The Jo(h)ns were friendly enough; I was nervous, but they didn't really contribute much to that.  It was mainly due to this having been my first time interviewing for a potential career-oriented position.  Exciting?  Yes.  Scary?  Also yes.  They asked me about my experience with html, copy-editing, and if I knew anyone in graphic design.  I told them I am internet savvy, I have always gotten high remarks regarding my in-class editing skills, and no, respectively.  The interview was really pretty short, which I am inclined to think is a bad sign, but the interview itself didn't seem terrible.  They sounded interested, but sometimes its tough to tell.  I wish I would have had more questions for them, though.  I can always think of questions before and after interviews, but rarely ever during.  They told me I should hear from them no later than next Tuesday.  Let the waiting begin.

I have much to say about this past weekend, but am lacking the vocabulary and inspiration to do so at the moment.  Also, time is a factor.  So for now, just know...its coming.
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